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Venus Fort & Odaiba

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Odaiba is one of the 'reclaimed lands', manmade islands in Tokyo Bay, reached by an elevated train. It's been set up as a new millenium shopping district, and houses some of Tokyo's best futuristic architecture.

Fuji TV, my favorite building in all the world.

* * * * *

Venus Fort
Venus Fort is one of the Odaiba shopping centers; a shopping mall for women (not that men are excluded, just unlikely to enjoy it). It's designed to mimic an 18th century Italian village, complete with a color-changing sky that fades from night to day, sunrise and sunset, cycling once every hour.

Honest to god working fountain in one of the piazzas.

Food court, Venus Fort style

Every shopping mall needs a casino.

I got chased away for taking photos of this sheep's head, for whatever reason, so enjoy my ill-gotten photo.

The sign says 'Quick Service'. Very mysterious.

What Italian village is complete with a replica Mouth of Truth?

The man and woman behind me had obviously never heard of the Roman legend. After watching perplexedly while my mother and i tried our luck, he went up to the statue and stuck his hand up its nose. True story.

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