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Beijing Day 3: Lama Temple

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Lama Temple, big and bright and near the center of the city, was our next stop. Though built on the same layout as Dajue Temple, with halls leading from one to the next, it modelled the flamboyant Palace Architecture that marked nearly every site we visited. It was crowded, with tourists like ourselves, and worshippers, and people who fell somewhere in between.

The male guardian, playing with a ball.

The most impressive feature of the temple. It reads:
"It was built in 1748 - 1750 A. D.
The Maitreya Buddha is standing inside. The statue (eighteen metres above ground and eight meters below ground) was carved from a single trunk of white sandal wood.
In august 1990 A. D. this Buddha was in Guinness Book of records."

I risked the wrath of a baby-monk to take this photo. He was there to enforce the 'photos forbidden inside the halls' policy, but i couldn't resist. The sheer magnitude of this thing was astonishing. He's three stories tall. I wish i had a person in the picture for scale. Mostly they seemed to come about halfway to his kneecap.

A few of the vendors pack up.

Close up on the baby lion that the female guardian lion is playing with.

And outside the temple, life goes on for the locals.

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